Would you like a holidays in France ?


Desire of holidays in the South of France? Ok, but some preparations are essential before to book your boarding pass. The South of France has numerous touristic places: the luxury of the seaside but also the discreet and naturals places like the inlets, the historical places and old Provençal villages, the famous vineyards, the lavender fields… It exist a lot of activities, destinations and especially a lot of choice about accommodations. Continuer la lecture de « Would you like a holidays in France ? »

The best summer destinations around the Mediterranean

the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean sea is number one holiday destination for 1/3 of the world’s tourists, and who would blame them, with its endless places to discover, marvelous beaches and spectacular exotic landscapes without mentioning the abundance of culture, the Med is the place to be, and here is our selection of the most recommended summer destinations. Continuer la lecture de « The best summer destinations around the Mediterranean »