Croatia Yacht Charter with/without Skipper

Croatia Yacht Charter

Located along the Adriatic Sea, the Croatian 1,700-kilometre coastline is a great destination for boat rental. Along these coasts, the Mediterranean climate provides good weather conditions from March to November. Furthermore, you will find several anchorages and islets along the coasts that have been preserved from tourism. This coast provides breathtakingly beautiful landscapes that you should explore with motorboats or yachts. If you'd like to hire a boat for you and your family, you can find them on this website here.

Chartering a Yacht or Boat

With SamBoats, you can hire a boat in Croatia from their enticing sale of boats at affordable prices. You can choose whether to hire a boat with or without a skipper and then explore the Mediterranean seas with a minimum of fuss. In most cases, a skippered yacht charter tends to be more rewarding because the skipper is well versed with the best places to visit and the best times to go for a ride.

Although Croatia is still new to the Mediterranean charter business, its infrastructure is well-developed and has a rich network of charter service providers. More so, the country has a huge number of great marinas in almost all the coastal destinations.

Whichever way you decide to approach your sailing trip in the country, you can be certain that you will feel rewarded at almost every turn. Whether you want to enjoy some alone time with someone in a hidden anchorage, dance at a nightclub, listen to live music while sitting in an amphitheatre with a Roman setting, or enjoy some slow-cooked lamb, all you could ever want has been taken care of.

What are the Best Places to Charter a Yacht?

Here are some of the major towns when you can yacht charter from:

  • Dubrovnik. This ancient town was once the capital of the Ragusa empire and a treasure of the Adriatic coast. This is an ideal place where you can charter a boat to explore it. You may need a day or two to absorb the vintage and modern aspects and process the serene atmosphere of this popular tourist destination. From there, you can sail northwards to the popular city of Split.
  • Split. This gem is the largest city in the country and is endowed with fantastic architecture and beautiful beaches. While at it, you may want to enjoy your evening enjoying and wondering through the waterfront Riva promenade.
  • Hvar. Hvar is among the major Croatian islands and it is popular because of its beaches and nightlife. This town also has a well-developed marina network for arrival and departure. Perhaps you may want to spend some time there to allow your ears to stop ringing after having a great time at the popular nightclubs.

Types of Boats to Hire

  • Sailing yacht. Also referred to as sailboats, these vessels are fun and exciting to sail at every point of the wind. They're also a pocket-friendly way of getting around if you're looking for secluded sandy beaches or longer cruises.
  • Motorboat. This refers to a wide range of boats from private boat trips to motor yachts with cabins to fishing trips. These vessels are ideal because you can cover long distances in a minimal time due to their high speeds.
  • Luxury yacht
  • Power catamaran
  • Gulet charters
  • Superyacht

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