How to start a Google Adwords campaign for a holiday site?

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Holidays are great seasons to leverage to boost your business’ revenue. The best way of getting your customers attention is by running a Google AdWords campaign. Just like any other digital marketing strategy, you need to carefully plan and execute your ads campaign to achieve your desired results.

Targeting the Most Relevant Audience

When taking advantage of holidays like Valentine’s and Christmas, targeting the most relevant audience ensures you get the most sales throughout the holiday period. Digital marketing is an excellent way to promote your products and services online. To maximize your return on investment, you need to create a dedicated Google Adwords campaign that targets qualified customers. You are putting a lot of effort, and a significant amount of money into the campaign and targeting the wrong audience beats the purpose of your entire process. Ensure you have a specific budget for each AdWords campaign and run them separately to monitor the progress and outcome. This way, you can easily reactivate the campaign that went well the next time such a holiday comes up. Using AdWords for your digital marketing is supposed to reach customers who are most interested in what you offer. Ensure that your landing pages and keywords list is adapted to the specific holiday as your ads are running for maximum impact. Since ads usually take days before they are approved, create the ad a few days in advance so that it goes live at just the right moment.

Building a Solid Online Presence

Once you have your ads campaign plan in place, the next step is building your digital storefront. Driving discovery for your products initiates brand awareness, which is crucial in keeping your products and services at the top of your customers’ minds. Staying in front of potential customers by showcasing your products and services on broader search queries increases your chances of making sales. Having a strong online presence as you run ads over the holiday ensures you attract more holiday shoppers. Think of it this way, the more products you have in the auction, the more visibility your brand gets. That is why you need to submit your entire inventory and gain insights into demand for popular products. If you don’t have these highly demanded in stock, make sure you add them to your catalog. Lastly, you need to keep your products prices and availability updated. Use Google Ads Automation tools to make frequent updates to fluctuating product prices and availability throughout the holiday.

Capture More Holiday Shoppers

The whole idea behind using ads is capturing more holiday shoppers. Leverage mobile shopping to double down on sales. Your ads need to be capitalized for mobile devices, and mobile sites should load in no more than five seconds. Providing customers with a positive mobile shopping experience is an excellent way of capturing more holiday shopping. Mobile landing pages should have a responsive design so that you don’t keep customers waiting when they want to purchase your products. Leveraging automation and machine learning saves you time and money by ensuring the products are showcased to the right audience. Smart shopping campaigns drive more conversions by automatically adjusting bids, audiences, and products in real time. Using the likelihood of a search query to drive more conversion value, you get the most out of your ads campaign.

Use Ad Extensions

Using ad extensions ensure that your ads stand out on search engine result pages. Displaying more information ensures that customers looking for specific products have an easy time finding what they are looking for. Describing the type of product or service you are advertising encourages customers to click through to your landing pages. Leverage callout and structural snippet extensions to highlight additional benefits of the products you are advertising. Sitelink extensions can be used to include additional links to parts of your website. Ensure that you are linking to pages on your website that are relevant and useful to your customers. Aside from giving the prominence of your ad, Ad extensions also encourage your customers to take action directly from the search results.

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