Travel Tips: flying with golf clubs

flying with golf clubs

Flying is a great way to travel, and gof is a fantastic sport. But what happens if you’re both passionate about traveling with your clubs? Luckily, there is an app for that. There is a golf GPS app known as Hello Birdie, which makes finding golf courses app worldwide easier than ever before. Follow these steps to know how best you can fly with a club.

Try to get non-Stop Air flights

The first step is to try and get non-stop flights. Non-stop flights are generally less expensive than connecting flights, and if you’re traveling with clubs, it can be a lot easier. You should also avoid checking your club luggage because some airlines will charge an oversize fee for the extra length of the club.

Pack your clubs in a hard-sided case

The best type of club case to buy is one that has a hard exterior. This will ensure your clubs are protected and won’t get damaged during the flight experience. It’s worth noting that you should pack these cases in your checked luggage because they can be quite large, and carry-on bags don’t have much room for them.

Check with the airline for specific regulations on carrying clubs during the travel

The type of club case you purchase for your golf clubs will depend on the size and shape of your individual airline’s rules regarding equipment. For example, some airlines allow carrying a hard-sided club case in carry-on bags, while others require passengers to check their cases at the gate or with customer service agents before boarding. To avoid confusion, it’s best to check with the airline for specific regulations on carrying clubs during the travel.

Wear layers, Shoes and bring a jacket, even if it’s warm outside

Dress in layers and bring a light jacket or sweater, even if the forecast says it will be warm outside. Dress comfortably in shoes that are easy to walk in, such as sneakers or sandals with socks rather than dress shoes which can cause pain from standing too much.

Book Your Flight Early!

Booking your flight early will ensure you get the best deals for fares and also help to avoid last-minute scrambling. Booking early also gives you plenty of time to plan your trip and know what will need to be packed, if needed.

Bring snacks and water for long flights

For those long flights, make sure to pack snacks and water for the journey. If flying internationally, be aware of TSA restrictions on liquids and gels in carry-on baggage; these include beverages containing milk or fresh fruit, dairy products such as cheese or yogurt, gel-based desserts like Jell-O pudding cups. Be prepared by bringing a container of milk or yogurt in your checked baggage.

Mark your Bags

It’s always a good idea to use some kind of luggage tag or identification marker so that your clubs can be easily located in case they are mistakenly loaded onto the wrong flight.

Take Pictures of your Bags

Especially if you’re traveling internationally, take pictures of your clubs before and after they are packed in the bag. It can be hard for airport staff to identify them when looking through hundreds or thousands of bags on a carousel.


In conclusion, the most important thing to remember is to be prepared. Flying with clubs can be stressful, but you’ll be better equipped for the challenge by following these tips. You should check a GPS app next time you want to travel to know what you need to carry during your trip

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