What is the best month to go to Puerto Plata?

Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata is a town to the north of the Dominican Republic. It is the capital of the Puerto Plata province. As a tropical country, it is best to say that most if not all days are good to go to the white sandy beaches on offer. During the rainy season, however, that will be a bad idea. Below we shall discuss the best months to visit Puerto Plata Dominican republic. There are many cultural sites and tourist attractions in the town, godominicanrepublic.com, coupled with national holidays, celebrations, and dances, are also popular tourist attractions. Most likely offering stiff competition to other tourist zones in the Caribbean islands, Puerto Plata province offers the best for its tourist visitors.

December to February

With winter holidays around the corner, there is nowhere better to spend your time than a warm white sandy beach in the Caribbean. Visiting Puerto Plata should be on the top of that list. With the rainy season all but over in November, there is no better time to lie down on the beach. The months of December and January are peak tourist seasons on the island town. The prices are high, and the beaches are crowded. With many tourist attractions around the town up to the mountain top, there is no need to be crowded out on the beach. The hilly countryside offers the best nature for outdoor activities like hiking and zip-lining. Following the flowing rivers and experiencing the waterfalls leads to activities in the ocean like snorkelling and scuba diving in the ocean blue waters.

March to May

As a tropical island, you cannot rule out the chance of rain, especially in the spring months. In May, as spring rolls to an end, the tourists are long gone, and the beaches have fewer people blocking the sun. It is the best time for the budget-conscious to book their Puerto Plata travel itinerary with fewer people around. The town of Puerto Plata being custom-built for tourists, there is a host of all-inclusive beachfront hotels with reduced prices for the low season and open white sandy beaches. There is always the chance of rain during the day, but it clears out rather quickly in the warm weather leaving a clear blue sky for enjoying the beach and swimming in the blue ocean. The prices are lower due to the incoming June rainy season and fewer visitors around.
With the best weather from January to May, packing beachwear and flip flops is ok as these are all you will need. Temperatures are warm through the day and cooler at night but better than the winter back home. The end of May sees prices drop even lower as fewer visitors are in the hotels and beaches.

June to August

The rainy season rolls around, and the hotels are at the lowest booked rate all year, meaning prices are also low. Storms are a natural occurrence and the occasional hurricane, but very slight chance of actually experiencing one firsthand. Puerto Plata travels can include travelers insurance just to be on the safer side during this time. These months coincide with European summers; thus, a few people might be headed to the tropics, with the weather still warm and clear days to enjoy the beach. During the low tourist season, there are few crowds on the cultural sites and tourist attractions and museums. One can enjoy strolls around the beach without bumping into many people.

September to November

With the highest rains being recorded during November, it is the rainiest month in the town. With Punta Cana to the east being fairly covered through the year, this region gets a higher amount of rain and fewer sunny days. Fewer tourists are seen around the town's sites, and fewer rooms are booked in hotels. It might be a good time for budget travellers as prices would be lower. These months experience storms and hurricane season too.
As the high tourist season follows, the end of the rains signals tourists' return to the town in December.
Overall, the best months of visiting Puerto Plata may be December for those with enough to spend during the high season as the prices are high and more attractions offer the very best services to attract more clientele. With a lower budget, the more conscious spender might be best suited to Puerto Plata travel in May, as this ushers in the low season for tourism in the town. As the rainy season is nearer, hotels lower their prices due to lower demand, tourist attractions are open to fewer visitors, and major white sandy beaches are not covered in multitudes of sunbathers. The end of May seems to be the best time to enjoy the island town in Puerto Plata province as there are fewer people anywhere you go.

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