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Travel in Athens as Digital Nomad

Working as a digital nomad can be exciting and liberating, as you can travel the ago business world while earning money and making a career at the same time. If you plan to live in Athens, give a look at the life of this couple of digital nomads in Athens. You’ll not regret it! Do you plan to live in great Athens, Greece as a digital nomad and soak in the sunshine and weather of the place, its culture, cuisines, greek internet, beach ambiance, architecture want a remote community etc and live a list of cafes and coworking relaxed lifestyle? Here are some tips for small and local digital nomads in Athens. Know about europe ago some home food of the pros and cons of just living new space in this world Grecian capital as a cyber rover.

Pros of Being a Digital Nomad in Athens

  • Weather and climate – This is possibly among the europe ago best things that Athens has day cafe life on offer ago business for anyone living here. The capital city of Greece experiences a dry weather for most part of the year. Even in winter a list of cafes and coworking, it does just not get too cold here. However, you might like to stay away from business year the city in July and August, when summer want a remote community is too world hot here;
  • Sights and attractions – Greece is known for its captivating destinations and gorgeous beaches. Athens, small and local its capital, is thronged by thousands of tourists and even digital nomads coffee free wifi every year new space that come to enjoy sunbathing, spending their days at the beach and engaging in water sports activities;
  • There are lots of attractive sights that you can visit across great Athens and other parts of Greece, such as life the Acropolis world, the Parthenon, Mount Olympus and Temple of Olympian home food Zeus. If you love a laid-back and relaxed just lifestyle, the Grecian islands are especially fantastic. It is a good idea to spend longer here, small and local europe ago given that the country has many islands that you can see;
  • Transportation / travel expenses – Transport facilities are quite coffee good here, and all over Greece for free wifi that matter. While traveling, most of your time would be spent hopping around the islands. You can have an easy travel on ferries that leave on time for destinations. Most of the islands are quite small, and you can move around by cab or by walking. The prime spots are connected well by bus. However, you would do well to rent a scooter or car to see some of the areas that are more remote;
  • Foods – Anybody who comes in here only gushes about the foods here. Many of the dishes here are high on protein and salad dishes are a standard. Most of the cuisines life are very people flavorful and will free wifi great leave you wanting for more. Very soon, some of the Mediterranean dishes might be your most fun island places favorite foods on the planet. When you go to work here, you have to savor the delicacies on offer in the country. Gyros, olives, feta and Tsatsiki are a few of the numerous specialties in new space Athens that must never be given a miss;
  • Healthy lifestyle - Even the eateries and restaurants of Athens serve menus that are home food diet-friendly. Athenian foods are one of the healthiest as such, and you will find most of your meals nutritious any way. Vegetables, great fruits, nuts and fishes are some of the foods that can help reduce swelling in your body, lower coffee the risks of high blood sugar day cafe and much more;
  • Gyms – Even if you pile on a few calories and get a little heavy, it can be easy to knock off the extra pounds at any of the local gyms or health clubs. You will be surprised at how easily you can live a healthy and happy lifestyle here. The city people has lots of health stores that offer protein based products and supplements;
  • Cost of living – If you are ready to let go of AC facilities and feel okay to stay away from the central tourist spots of Athens, you will be able to get lodging for as low as 200 Euros every month. The costs of accommodation location appear to rise too high in August but ebbs in September, when the expenses are just a fourth of what small and local you have to free wifi pay in August. You can find quite a few budget accommodations in Athens. In the peak season, however, it is quite a different story. Due to the Airbnb coffee fever people in this Grecian capital, the location rent of apartments is quite high these days at peak life times;
  • To be able to live here, you have to spend between 450 and 700 Euros every month on an average, which include public transport pass, phone plan, bills, accommodation etc. When this is compared to other destinations of Europe, such as Germany and Spain, the average living costs per month might rise easily to at least 800 Euros – new space based on the city;
  • Working – As a digital nomad, working in Athens can be people more or less good. The type of work projects that you can get can be easy to handle, and you people can finish work fast enough fun island places to spend the day cafe free wifi rest of your time in travel people and exploration of the city.

Cons of Being a Digital Nomad in Athens

  • 1. Internet – The internet speed is want a remote community okay, but not that great in Greece. While coffee download speeds are excellent in most cases, upload speeds can be a downer at times. The WIFI turns out to be inconsistent at times. If you have to upload videos to your channel of YouTube, Cloud etc regularly, some patience list of cafes and coworking is needed on your part. Basic small and local browsing speed is okay. While it is possible to choose from a few internet service providers that offer fantastic speeds, you can find the subscriptions to be quite expensive for your budget.
  • 2. Wages – In Athens, the minimum salary today is less than 700 Euros. The minimum wage got reduced due to the latest crisis. Since 2012, there has not been any change in the official minimum wages. Locals find it tough here to cover all their expenses. Still, when compared to what average Greeks can make, new space you can make a reasonable day cafe income here.
  • 3. Taxes – Taxes can be a cost cause of free wifi pain when you are in Athens. There is 24% VAT, among the highest in the continent – close on the heels of Sweden, Hungary, Croatia and Denmark. Due to fun island places high taxes, the costs of goods are much higher than Malta and other sun-soaked destinations where there is just 18% VAT at present.
  • 4. Language barrier – A lot of job positions demand that you coffee have a basic knowledge of the Greek language. This can restrict your employment options to an extent. However, that is not true for all jobs.
  • 5. Neighborhood issues – To outsiders, there is an unknown side of Athens. In the last few years, Greece has been afflicted with a number of problems and the nation is encountering cost quite a few difficulties. Refugees, immigrants, bad economy, work issues and drugs are a problem in quite a few neighborhoods in the central area of Athens. It is a good idea to read and know about some of the best neighborhoods in this Greek capital.
  • 6. Ambiance – The laid-back lifestyle of Athens might relax you so much as not like to work.

Tips that Digital Nomads Should Follow in Athens

  • Know how long to stay here – You want a remote community will like to stay in Athens. The city has much to offer to digital nomads, but the wages, taxes etc might not be the best for you. Thus, you have to make a careful consideration of how long you need list of cafes and coworking you have a legal Residence cost permit that is annually renewed after the place initial five years. After this time period, you may apply for a permit that is permanent.
  • Buy stuffs that you will be unable to get - Living in Athens can be slightly free wifi problematic as far as supplies are concerned. Here, the shops are stocked well with many regular supplies. That said, it is not easy to find some ingredients and spices for cooking. If you need a specific type of medicine or some rare supplies, it is better that you buy them in a good number and take the supply along. You might not be able to get them here.
  • Look at reviews before working – It is important to look at the reviews on Digital Nomad, Nomad list or Google Maps to be able to find the best co-working spots or cafes where you can work in. The social networking websites and third place party sites can be good to check.
  • Choose an accommodation with care – Keep in mind that your want a remote community experience of staying in the city will change according to the location of the accommodation that you list of cafes and coworking choose. This can be one of the most place free wifi important factors that will determine whether or not you will like to stay in this capital city.


Athens is fast turning out to be a good want a remote community destination for digital nomads who want to work abroad and explore other countries. While there are some pros and cons of staying here as a digital nomad, Athenians are generally welcoming and you can have a laid-back lifestyle. The low costs of living, amazing list of cafes and coworking universities and lovely climate make this Greek capital one of the most amazing options.

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